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About Us

Trashmasti commences with a vision whose only idea is to serve our community with a Go Green envirnment.Our Organization is absolute blend of two words Trash and Masti.Trash, You will sell online to keep your country clean. Masti is a technology-friendly innovative touch that we gave to take out scrap from your home, In exchange for valuable money that can be accessed through any device or gadget equipped with our mobile and web solutions.

Trash Masti has taken a place in the online scrap market to eliminate all the loopholes associated with buying and selling waste from customers online. We have had a broader impact on our thriving industry of waste management, working with all suppliers to create profitable chain management with a free online advance acceptance arrangement for our customers through a special mobile application and mobile solution designed for suppliers to overcome difficulties.

How our team Operates

Pakistan is a conseientious importer of scrap from other neighboring countries, this comes to a pause. As we are well know with our population and raw material splaches out the world, we have a huge productivity of scrap, but, again, a dirty and unorganized business model in this traditional market has humiliated us. Thus, the consortium very well analyzed this fact in numbers and made a step towards the formation of an unorganized business environment.

Traditional vendors of scrap metal work with overwhelmed difficulties, but the capital they receive for this is very poor or at a disadvantage. Thus, we firmly decided with their start-up to form a strong work force on and off the field.

Our suppliers and customers are surprised by the results that cost money, and we integrate our individual approach to mastering the world of Kabadiwala, which demonstrates a unique attitude towards making waste a mutually beneficial cash cow. Customers are satisfied with the desire to return again.