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Trash Masti is Pakistan’s first online waste management platform ready to disrupt waste industry by creating humongous opportunities in Recycling Field. We are team of multi-talented professionals from industry and academia having strong background in Engineering, Environment & Information Technology. Our objective is to integrate waste management with IT based solution to engage youth in environment friendly waste disposal solutions. Be it Industry, Commercial Units, High Rise, Housing Societies we are your best choice for ONE STOP Solutions for all your waste related problems. Door to Door Collection, Design & Installation of Material Recovery Facility, Composting of Organic Materials and Kitchen Waste, Recycling of various waste streams, Facilities Management, Janitorial services and Green event management are our areas of expertise. Our online application and web portal stands us out in Waste Industry of Pakistan where you are just a single click away for converting your Trash into Cash

Our Main Stake Holders

Our core objective is to be most competitive and accessible .Waste Management & Recycling Services provider all over Pakistan. Provision of services have never been so easy till the time digital market place was available to our customers where they are getting state of art and sustainable solutions. A broad range of spectrum from Corporate, Industry & Domestic customers are all our stake holders. In totality, its all about you where we are enabling you to be part of Clean & Green Society.

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Door to Door Waste Collection

E Waste & Data Destruction

Material Recovery Facility

Paper Shredding Services


Waste to Energy

Our Impact So Far

In line with Sustainable Development Goals for 2025 we are very much focused & determined to make a strong positive Impact on Environment.. Youth is medium of change and Technology shall play a vital role to make Responsible Recycling a Habit

51,135+ KGs

Metal Recycled

43,695+ KGs

Paper Recycled

19,432+ KGs

Plastic Recycled

32,738+ KGs

Glass Recycled


Trees Saved



80,435 Cu.ft

Landfill Space Saved

1,84,446+ KWh

Glass Recycled

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3 Rs of Recycling

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle The three Rs that fight environmental degradation. Trash Masti has begun a new initiative that anyone can try at home with

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