Let's Start Recycling!

How our Team Operates

We are a socio-environmental enterprise with 17 years of experience in waste management and resource recovery.
  • Our journey began along with the introduction of the Recycling laws in 2014.
  • Our founder and CEO, Farukh Naseer, was a professional engineer who actively advocated the importance of sustainable and holistic waste management, and ultimately began this startup
  • We ensure maximum recovery of resources from all streams of waste by diverting it away from landfills and sending it to the right destinations.
  • Unilever was our first client in year 2014.
  • Trash Masti Waste is a registered, impaneled vendor with the various multinationals since its starting time 
  • With the expansion of our clientele and scope of our operations, we instituted a Materials Recovery Facility in 2017, which has the capacity to manage about 16 tonnes of waste per day.
  • Currently, we work with 80+ clients across Lahore
  • Through our initiatives, we are in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to facilitate economic progress, women empowerment and action against climate change.
Vision Statement


To be the most trusted source for Scrap Recycling in an Environment friendly manner that stands above the rest.

We provide One Stop Recycling Solutions!

Trashmasti commences with a vision whose only idea is to serve our community with a Go Green environment. Our Organization is absolute blend of two words Trash and Masti. Trash, You will sell online to keep your country clean. Masti is a technology-friendly innovative touch that we gave to take out scrap from your home, In exchange for valuable money that can be accessed through any device or gadget equipped with our mobile and web solutions. Trash Masti has taken a place in the online scrap market to eliminate all the loopholes associated with buying and selling waste from customers online. We have had a broader impact on our thriving industry of waste management, working with all suppliers to create profitable chain management with a free online advance acceptance arrangement for our customers through a special mobile application and mobile solution designed for suppliers to overcome difficulties.

Team that Loves Trash!

Sohaib Raza

Team Lead - Operations

Farukh Naseer

Founder & CEO

Rida Tahir

Project Lead - Organic Waste Recycling