3 Rs of Recycling

he three Rs that fight environmental degradation. Trash Masti has begun a new initiative that anyone can try at home with their own plastic bags. We’ve got the reducing part down, thanks to the government ban on shopping bags. Now it’s time to reuse the ones that we have. Rida Tahir, our creative manager a talented environmentalist by profession has transformed 40 shopping bags into a small container by weaving them into strands and then sticking them together. This casket can be used to store jewelry, stationery, coins, other small knick-knacks, and any other items that will fit. It can also be used as a rather unconventional decoration piece in your home – the possibilities are endless! The reality of converting recycling into sustainability. You can weave these bags into anything you like; the point is to turn these bags, that would otherwise go to landfills or choke up drains, into a usable product. Start experimenting, maybe use straws to enhance your creation. This is the perfect activity to do with your family, especially given the corona outbreak and quarantine situation. If you’re wondering how to pass the time this month, reuse.

Reuse Reuse Recycle
Digitalization of Recycling Industry

Digitization of Recycling Industry

Have you ever thought about selling your trash instead of dumping it? Well, now you can stop thinking about it and actually do it. Trash Masti gives you the opportunity to sell your recyclables and waste from where ever you are – all you have to do is to register on our app or website, schedule a pick-up, and watch your trash turn into cash!

The era of IT-based solutions is here – no more standing on the side of the road to hail a rickshaw or taxi when you have Careem and Uber, no more picking up take-out from restaurants when you have FoodPanda to deliver it to your doorstep, and no more dumping of trash into landfills when you have Trash Masti to pick it up from your homes, flats, and industrial buildings! With Trash Masti, you can sell just about anything from household items like old notebooks, plastic bags, and used computers, to industrial waste such as kilos of steel, iron, or glass.

Trash to Cash is no more a Dream

Why was Trash Masti created, and how? Trash Masti is a new Pakistani startup that was initiated in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 global goals that promotes the protection of the planet, an end to poverty, and prosperity for all living beings. Our startup specifically targets the following goals:  responsible consumption and production (through recycling), reducing inequalities (by eliminating child labor as well as paying workers decent wages), and affordable and clean energy (by converting waste into fuel). The waste industry, as any other industry, is inextricably linked to social issues such as poverty, gender inequality, education, religious discrimination, and access to sanitation and clean water. For instance, it’s not coincidental that the Christian minority of Pakistan is disproportionately hired to do janitorial work. This is why Trash Masti incorporates responsible recycling with the responsible treatment of labor.

And the brains behind this initiative? Farukh Naseer, a mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience in the waste industry, decided that it was time for a change. A passionate environmentalist, Farukh wanted to see more people recycling, and fewer people being exploited by the waste industry. He created a team of people from various fields (Environmental Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, and Research Analysis) to generate the perfect creative blend required to build Trash Masti.

It’s about time that Pakistan caught up to the recycling gig, especially because cities like Karachi alone produce around 9 million kilos of waste every day! Engaging with resources like Trash Masti can help divert these astronomical amounts of waste away from landfills, and instead be converted into fuel or products that have use-value. So what are you waiting for? A greener Pakistan only becomes a reality when you want it to be.

Trash to Cash