Digitalization of Recycling Industry

Digitization of Recycling Industry

Have you ever thought about selling your trash instead of dumping it? Well, now you can stop thinking about it and actually do it. Trash Masti gives you the opportunity to sell your recyclables and waste from where ever you are – all you have to do is to register on our app or website, schedule a pick-up, and watch your trash turn into cash!

The era of IT-based solutions is here – no more standing on the side of the road to hail a rickshaw or taxi when you have Careem and Uber, no more picking up take-out from restaurants when you have FoodPanda to deliver it to your doorstep, and no more dumping of trash into landfills when you have Trash Masti to pick it up from your homes, flats, and industrial buildings! With Trash Masti, you can sell just about anything from household items like old notebooks, plastic bags, and used computers, to industrial waste such as kilos of steel, iron, or glass.

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