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Door to Door Collection Services

Trash Masti is pioneer in providing professional & hassle free on-demand door to door collection of recyclable trash. Upon request, our Trash hero comes to your place at your convenient time to collect trash and you get cash on-spot. Disposing your waste has now become much easier than ever. Trash Masti has been successful in promoting the concept of source segregation i.e. our costumers has started putting their waste in separate bins for paper, plastic and organic etc responsibly. We believe that household clients being the biggest waste producers can play a vital role in making our planet with zero waste by following the footprints of Responsible Recyclers !

eWaste Recycling

Trash Masti is one of the first e-waste recycling companies in Pakistan. We implement innovative ways to make e-waste recycling not only accessible but accepted throughout the country. Currently, much of our e-waste is managed by an informal sector and dumped in landfills or burned openly. We want to establish and streamline e-waste recycling so that our e-waste is disposed in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.
In Pakistan, e-waste recycling is operated by an informal sector. Due to a lack of regulations, most e-waste is either burned, put in acid baths, and dismantled in hazardous work spaces. Children and women are often employed without proper protection equipment to handle crude and hazardous chemicals in e-waste.


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waste to energy

Waste to Energy

Our extensive research work and practical experiences on waste to energy sector has made us capable enough to provide industry solutions that can help them in generation power, heat, and steam by using Residual Derived Fuel. Composting is another field where we can produce Fertilizer from organic waste.ln totality, we do not want to Waste the Waste we are on a mission to convert it into Fuel.


Hazardous Waste Disposal & Waste Incineration Services

In past few years, hazardous waste has been relegated towards the landfills which results in seeping of high amounts of hazardous materials in nearby ground and water sources. Altogether, we provide all round of services for diverse range in managing the waste. All the services we provide are up to the legislation and standards of EPA. We use EPA approvd incinerators for disposal of Medical Hazardous Waste. Our team has all the expertise to design and install your own Incinerator at your sit

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Composting Services

Environmental cleaning merged with the technology has taken commercial cleaning to a whole new level. We provide all kind of indoor and outdoor cleaning and sweeping services which include Moping, Washing, Window Cleaning etc. We are just a call away from you. External high level cleaning services for curtain glass wall and concrete, tiled and aluminium wall cladding are also in list of services.

Paper Shredding Services

looking to get back to an old or used industrial site. Though about is relevant waste stream treatment bio remediation of polluted soil makes you worried ?We got your back. Cost effective services of Bioremediation with quality of work is guarantteed . We have the tecchnology to convert your hazardous sludge / soil into useable product via Bioremediation.

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